Any excuse to share some wedding pics amirite?? We celebrated 6 months of marriage on 12/9 and it was low key and us and perfect. We ALSO had another reason to celebrate, Matt passed his Professional Engineer Exam!!! We bought a nice bottle of bubbly and a v nice bottle of whiskey. The actual day of we went out for sushi. We’ve been together almost 7 years, so 6 months doesn’t seem like a huge milestone. But we’re so thankful for every minute and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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We woke up Friday morning to the smell of turkey all throughout the house.  You see we had taken the delicious turkey carcass from Sarah and H’s house and put it in the crock pot the night before. Along with some water and additional herbs, we woke up to the most glorious simmering broth.

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There are so many things in life I’m thankful for. I try to maintain my thankfulness year round, but of course Thanksgiving is a time to be a little EXTRA. This year we’re spending the Holiday at our friends Sarah & H.  We arrived around noon and hung out until the early evening! Sarah and H are the ultimate in hosting. When we arrived Sarah had a beautiful spread of appetizers laid out that we promptly dove into.   Continue reading “THANKSGIVING 2018”


When we first moved into our house, we knew exactly what we wanted to do in certain spaces. Guest room, game room, office etc. Once all those dreams and ideas came to fruition, we were left with a space we deemed “the extra room”.  I feel like this is a pretty common thing for people our age? You don’t have kids yet, and you don’t have overnight guests THAT frequently… so what do you do? At first, we attempted to make into a gym of sorts. We purchased a stationary bikes and a few weights. As most home gyms go, the bike quickly started to collect dust.   Continue reading “LIBRARY”

Brunch at H&H – The Kitchen

Believe it or not we aren’t huge brunch people. I realize everything to this point on the blog leads to the contrary conclusion.  Our friends however LOVE brunch. Sunday we planned to have a low key brunch at Jane & John Doe. Unfortunately for me, I’m currently in the midst of a Whole 30. Details of that are probably for another post, but I generally play by the rules. Having been to JJD I was fully aware there are no W30 options on the menu.  So before we left the house I whipped up some breakfast for myself. A yummy fried egg from our friend’s farm, a leftover piece of bacon, some leftover roasted potatoes. Filling and really really tasty.

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One of the most frivolous and fun gifts we received (technically purchased, Amazon has the best completion discount, so after the wedding we went through and bought some fun things we wanted!) was our juicer!  It’s a badass Breville. Small enough to not be obnoxious, but powerful enough to pulverize pretty much anything. Seriously, this thing sounds like a plane taking off when you turn it on.

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