One of the most frivolous and fun gifts we received (technically purchased, Amazon has the best completion discount, so after the wedding we went through and bought some fun things we wanted!) was our juicer!  It’s a badass Breville. Small enough to not be obnoxious, but powerful enough to pulverize pretty much anything. Seriously, this thing sounds like a plane taking off when you turn it on.

We had a big discussion about the juicer before purchasing.  We have limited space in our kitchen (as does everyone) so we wanted to ensure all kitchen gadgets we bought were going to be worth it. Also, Matt always said he didn’t want to be those people that registered (and received) tons of crap they would use once and then never again.  (ie: a bread maker, ice cream maker, etc) Which is also why we registered for beautiful everyday dishware and not special occasion china. The size was a huge factor for me. My parents had this BEHEMOTH of a juicer when we were younger. I’m talking easily 25 lbs and the size of a toddler.  In the juicer’s defense, that bad boy ran for YEARS. (There’s a super fun carrot juice story from my youth, but I will spare you the details on that one)


So here are some yummy recipes I’ve been whipping up lately!  I feel like the motto of juicing should be “looks gross, tastes ok, but makes you feel GREAT”


Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!


– 3 Cups of spinach
– 2 Stalks of Celery
– 1/2 Cucumber
– 2 or 3 stalks of Kale
– 1 Granny Smith Apple

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