Brunch at H&H – The Kitchen

Believe it or not we aren’t huge brunch people. I realize everything to this point on the blog leads to the contrary conclusion.  Our friends however LOVE brunch. Sunday we planned to have a low key brunch at Jane & John Doe. Unfortunately for me, I’m currently in the midst of a Whole 30. Details of that are probably for another post, but I generally play by the rules. Having been to JJD I was fully aware there are no W30 options on the menu.  So before we left the house I whipped up some breakfast for myself. A yummy fried egg from our friend’s farm, a leftover piece of bacon, some leftover roasted potatoes. Filling and really really tasty.

As you may infer from the title of this post, we in fact did not end up at JJD. We pulled up to find they “are on summer vacation”. So what next?


Well the group decided to trek it up to Hubbell & Hudson – The Kitchen. This restaurant is casual and unique.  You wait in a cafeteria style line to place your order then are given a buzzer. Once the thing goes off you proceed to a pick up window and get your meal. There is a separate coffee and drink bar you can skip the regular line and get your caffeine fix. This is exactly what I did.

Since we had a group of 6, Sarah went and saved us a table and I grabbed us all some coffee while the boys stood in line. Of course H&H has plenty of W30 options! Alas I was no longer hungry, from my impeccable pre planning…


Sarah is suffering through the W30 with me, so she ordered a simple egg scramble with potatoes and bacon.  

Matt on the other hand, ordered the most decadent meal I’ve ever seen. Lobster benedict on an avocado. White girl heaven honestly. Around the table, chicken and waffles, bloody mary flight and regular benedict was ordered.

I tried a bit of Matt’s and man oh man was it fantastic.

We all chatted and enjoyed the morning, which was surprisingly cool!

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