When we first moved into our house, we knew exactly what we wanted to do in certain spaces. Guest room, game room, office etc. Once all those dreams and ideas came to fruition, we were left with a space we deemed “the extra room”.  I feel like this is a pretty common thing for people our age? You don’t have kids yet, and you don’t have overnight guests THAT frequently… so what do you do? At first, we attempted to make into a gym of sorts. We purchased a stationary bikes and a few weights. As most home gyms go, the bike quickly started to collect dust.  

After our wedding we really got onto a cleaning kick, and after about a year we finally decided the bike needed to go. And the 3 year old futon that was literally only used by Oliver. So then we were left with an empty room!! Matt came up with the idea to turn that room into a library and I loved it. So we sat down and wrote out what all we needed to make our library dreams into reality.  Our top three list items: comfy chairs, bookshelves, and whiskey. So we set to work. We pulled bookshelves from around the house (we actually own 5 of the same bookshelves, thanks IKEA) and found some amazing chairs on FB Marketplace. The room came together over one weekend and looks amazing.



Funny story about the chairs, they were so cheap ($60 for the set!) and in perfect condition. The owner was so nice and helped us load them into our cars. We joked that the chairs were probably haunted because why else would someone want to get rid of them?! Thankfully both of our orange cats have no issue with the chairs or the room or else we would have a serious problem.


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