There are so many things in life I’m thankful for. I try to maintain my thankfulness year round, but of course Thanksgiving is a time to be a little EXTRA. This year we’re spending the Holiday at our friends Sarah & H.  We arrived around noon and hung out until the early evening! Sarah and H are the ultimate in hosting. When we arrived Sarah had a beautiful spread of appetizers laid out that we promptly dove into.  

We also chugged a big glass of water in preparation for our day of drinking. Once that was over we poured up some drinks and stepped aside as Sarah finished up our dinner.

Mimosa’s were flowing and per a recommendation from our local Total Wine rep, so was the sparkling red wine! Have ya’ll tried this yet? It’s pretty amazing. A sweet red wine that’s perfect with savory Thanksgiving food.


Zach, Victoria, & Ian arrived shortly after that to join the party. We ate we drank and had an awesome day!! 

I think some of the best memories captured were through my Instax polaroid camera. Something about the old time-y, printed immediately, taken in one shot photos are just mesmerizing. 

After dinner we hung out and tried not to fall asleep into a food coma. Sarah prepared BEAUTIFUL homemade pecan & pumpkin pies.

We left around 7:00 and headed out to SHOP. Matt and I do this every year… not actually to buy anything (although we usually do!) but more so to walk around and people watch!!

After a long day we made it back home to get some sleep and prep for HEADING TO AUSTIN THE NEXT DAY!!

However not before getting that giant turkey carcass in the crock pot to make some delicious turkey broth! Derek helped…


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