We woke up Friday morning to the smell of turkey all throughout the house.  You see we had taken the delicious turkey carcass from Sarah and H’s house and put it in the crock pot the night before. Along with some water and additional herbs, we woke up to the most glorious simmering broth.

We cleaned it all up and got it cooling.  Derek was VERY invested in the whole broth process.  We had some coffee and got packed up for our mini weekend away.  All locked up, we hit the road!  

First stop, of course was Buc-ee’s! Now if you’re unfamiliar, Buc-ee’s is a Texas local gas station. But it is SO MUCH MORE than just a gas station.  It’s the cleanest restrooms you’ll find outside your own home  (maybe even cleaner?), every drink or snack you could possibly want, fresh BBQ, beef jerky, shirts, toys, etc. etc. So we picked up some lunch, got some gas and continued on our way.

We got into town around 1:00PM and checked into the Hilton Garden Inn. Our room was an interior one, which was a first for me.  Since it was only one night  it was doable, but I can’t imagine doing that any longer! No sunshine in the morning was strange.

We changed from our driving clothes (Does anyone else do this? Wear one super comfy outfit to travel in then change upon arrival?) and started the walk over to the museum of weird.  “Keep Austin Weird” is the catchphrase of the city so what better way to set the mood than to get caught up on some weird history!

No pictures were allowed inside, but it was SO COOL.  For $12 a person we got to see a lot of awesome weird history things and some stellar performances.  After that we walked up and down 6th street a bit checking out all the bars and restaurants. We popped into a small bar across from our hotel that I couldn’t even tell you the name of. We caught a few minutes of college football while we finished out drinks and browsed for a place to grab dinner.

We happened upon this restaurant that had a great whiskey selection and prices (priorities) and made the trek over.  

This place was so interesting! We were escorted into the back “carriage house” where a long bar was located with a few high tops.  We arrived pretty early around 4:30 PM so we had the whole place to ourselves.

We chatted with the bartender, ordered some cocktails and a some appetizers and enjoyed the heck out of the evening.

Hands down the best the on the menu was the roasted garlic. Just CLOVES of garlic roasted and drizzled with balsamic.

After we thoroughly stuffed our faces we headed back to the hotel for a quick fresh up before heading out to the concert! Feeling buzzed and having a blast I told Matt to “take a cute pic of me in front of this wall!!” 

Blurry, but great. 
Austin Part TWO coming next…

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