Once we got back to the hotel, we freshened up, poured one last drink, and made our way to the concert! The concert was after all was the entire reason for the trip.

We made our way over to the Mohawk Austin. This is a pretty small outdoor bar/venue but was such a cool atmosphere. Great drink prices and easy access. The concert was great! However it was definitely a unique experience. Other concerts we’re able to be down up front in the crowd but this time everyone was going WAY too crazy. Moshing and throwing punches left and right, so we made our escape over to the edge of the crowd to watch the rest of the show.

After that we slowly trekked back to the hotel. Austin nightlife was in full swing, which was a stark contrast to our day time exploring! We stopped at a corral of food trucks to pick up some slices of pizza.

The next morning we were up and feeling good! The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect. A little chilly, but not too cold. Our original plan was to have some brunch and bum around town until our football game started. Then we would head over to the local FSU bar and watch with our fellow Noles! Well, if you know us, we are such homebodies… we debated heading back home that morning! But as we kept waking up, we decided NO we’re here, let’s enjoy it.

So we got dressed and made our way over to Easy Tiger. This cute little bakery/bar/restaurant was right next to our hotel, so we passed it several times on the trip already. This place was definitely a vibe and we loved it. We ordered coffee (of course) and a little pastry thing while we waited for out hot food to be ready. It was a sweet loaf with chocolate chips and custard, and was glorious when dipped in the coffee. Matt got a sandwich and I got a quiche! We got a baguette for the road.

We popped back over to the hotel to pack up and check out. We drove over to the FSU bar (Greenlight Social) and were pleasantly surprised at how many people were there!! The entire place was decked out in FSU gear too. This bar is known for their spiked capri suns, which of course were FSU themed for the event.

With a rough game ahead, we settled in and cheered out team on to no avail. We hit the road to head back home and talked about what all we would do NEXT time we visit Austin!

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