Hey! I’m Taylor, a Southern raised, Texas transplant.  Good food and good drink are at the center of everything we do. I love cats, playing hostess, drink specials, and snuggling up for a good (or bad) horror movie with my husband Matt.

We met and started dating at Florida State University in 2012. We got married in June of 2018.  Matt is an engineer by day and a whiskey enthusiast by night. You can usually find him manning the grill or playing video games.

However, we only make up ½ of this blog. Meet our cats Oliver and Derek. They will undoubtedly make appearances.   

Me, You, and the Cats sums us up pretty well.  We’ll give you opinions on happy hours, walk you through our home improvement sagas, and of course a lot of in between.

Come on in, we’ll pour you a drink!